ZU Jewellery


“We thought that the jewellery could be a way of having their personality shine through."


Who are ZU Jewellery?


Zu Jewellery, a Sheffield based business, began three years ago when friends Shelina Mawani-Markin and Elaine Goddard came up with the idea to turn their shared love of contemporary jewellery into an enterprise. When brainstorming ideas for what their business could be they initially wanted a business that was completely irrelevant to their current professions; an escape from their busy lives as mothers and businesswomen. They soon found their shared taste in jewellery as an outlet for their creativity and innovation.








Dr. Oliver Thompson


“There is always more to somebody than what is at the surface.”


Who is Dr Oliver Thomspon?


Oliver Thompson, PhD, one of this year’s presenter of Showcase Style, can’t wait to do “something out of the ordinary” with his molecular science, modelling and music career.


As a young scientist, Dr. Thompson takes any opportunity he can get to broaden his career and experiences, describing himself as “quite naturally introverted” and somebody who always wants to learn something new. Showcase Style was something he could not pass up.